A trip to Fergus Falls for new dock pallets

Some of the wooden pallets on our docks need to be replace so today we were off to Fergus Falls, MN to Productive Alternatives to bring them a dock pallet as a pattern and see if they can make them for us.

Procuctive Alternatives

fish cleaning boardsTony gave us a tour of the facility. The first thing he showed us that they make are fish cleaning boards which you can buy at any tackle shop, Walmart, Menards, etc.

Productive Alternatives Center

005 006This is the area where they cover the T.V./game rocker chairs.

008On our way home coming down the hill into Glenwood, MN. Such a beautiful view.

Glenwood hillThe dam at Terrace, MN

013Terrace Dam

DamThe sign for the 104 Supper Club at the junction of Highway #9 & 104 outside of Sunburg, MN where we had broasted chicken for dinner.

104 ClubReturned home in time to see the sun set across Lake Florida.