A little ice on Lake Florida

In Spicer, Minnesota we have 2 slogans that play on our name. One of them is “Spicer is Nicer” and the other is, “Ice is our middle name.” We are rapidly approaching the time of year when this is very appropriate. In January and February, we celebrate winter with the Spicer Ice Fest.

This morning we awoke to a thin sheet of ice on Lake Florida.

Oh, by the way, we took the docks out yesterday! 🙂

The wind came up and the ice started breaking up. I went outside and could hear the ice chunks klinking against one onother. Click on the link below to listen.

Ice klinking on Lake Florida

If the wind goes down today, Lake Florida should be covered with ice by tomorrow.  It’s always fun to see who will be the first fisherman out on the ice!

Don’t forget to check out the Spicer website to see all of the great activities later this winter.