A few little projects at the resort

We do more around here than take pictures of the sunset. 🙂

I have been washing some of the sidewalk boards and decks each day in between other projects. When Chris came to help with the beach, we had a small accident and one of the Adirondack swings got broken. It only took 6 different clamps and straps to hold it while the glue set!

Adirondack swing

6 kinds of clamps to fix the Adirondack swing

Our cats, Simon & Sasha are always very entertaining. You never know where you will find them. They are fascinated by the water and the fish in the water. Here Simon is just “hang’in out” on the  2 inch round pipe of the boat lift.

cat at boat

Simon "hanging out" on the boat lift

Every year we have trouble finding the anchor for the swim platform so I decided to take a hydro bike out and attach an extra marker to it.

marking the spot

Attaching a marker bottle to the swim platform anchor

I found this rock and thought it looked like South America. Asked our friends on Facebook what it looked like. We got answers like, Greenland, Africa, a giraffe or dog head, cow skull, a bad tooth and “just a plain old rock.” Well, we knew that wasn’t the correct answer because there is no such thing as a plain old rock at Lake Florida. All of the rocks are special because over time they are what have made our beautiful sand. Guess we will have geology lessons this summer! 🙂


My Special South America rock

We donated donut certificates to a couple of fundraisers and on the 27th we made good on a couple of them. Tim Block got his to share with some of the shop owners and employees in New London – how nice of him! I had a special donut that day – one with a heart in the middle of it.


A donut with a heart in the middle

Over the years we have had to cut down trees and sometimes they are in a position where you can’t use a stump grinder. A couple of them had finally rotted and we chiseled them out and filled the holes in with black dirt.

teree stump

Chiseling out a decayed tree stump


Bob and Sasha loading the dirt

There are always spots on the lawn that need to be reseeded.

seeding the lawn

Preparing the lawn for new seed

Bob has been raking out the beach. Look how much better it is looking!


Bob has raked the beach